This Issue (October 2018) is The Forth Issue of The Journal, The Issue has 7 articles: 

The first Article is “Quality for Developing the Creativity” By Prof. Dr. Elmofti, Mohamed Amin, Professor of Mathematics Education and the former Dean of College of Education, Ain Shams University. Egypt.

The second Article is “The quality culture and developing of creativity” By Prof.Dr Ali, Wael Abdullah Mohammed, Professor of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies for Education , Cairo University, Egypt

The third Article is “Readings in Teacher Preparation Standards in Gifted Education” By Prof.Dr Hussein, Hisham Barakat, Professor of Mathematics Education, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

The fourth Article is “The role of quality of work life in the relationship between psychological capital and organizational commitment among faculty members at the Faculty of Education, Taif University” By Dr. Abosaif, Mahmoud Sayed Ali, Assistant professor of Educational Administration, transitional program, Common First Year, King Saud University

The fifth Article is “Suggestion Model to use the virtual museum tours in the development of technical knowledge and aesthetic values for students / teachers of the Wood Industries Division at the Faculty of Education and its impact on the cognitive motivation and educational efficiency” By Dr. Zarrouk, Sayed Mohammad, Associate Professor of Curricula and Methods of Teaching Industrial Education, Faculty of Education, Helwan University. Egypt.

The sixth Article is “Evaluation of teaching performance science teachers in the middle stage on the light of 21st century skills” By Dr. ElHoteby, Dena Abd ElHamed ElSaid, Demonstrator at Curriculum and Instructions Department, College of Education, King Khaled University, Saudi Arabia.

The seventh Article is “Report on the 8th International Scientific Conference of College of Education, Menofia University, Egypt. “Education of marginalized groups in Arab societies to achieve the goals of sustainable development: Opportunities and challenges" By Prof.Dr El-Dahshan، Gamal Ali, Professor of "Foundation of Education", and Dean, College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt.

Published: 2018-09-15