Evaluation of teaching performance science teachers in the middle stage on the light of 21st century skills

  • Dena Abd ElHamed ElSaid ElHoteby Demonstrator at Curriculum and Instructions Department, College of Education, King Khaled University, Saudi Arabia


Abstract: This research was aim Evaluation of teaching performance of science teachers in the middle stage on the light of 21st century skills. The research tools was designed to list of 21st century skills, &  identify the 21st century skills of the science teacher, which consisted of (65) items, divided into (5) responses, (extremely important - very important - low importance - very low importance), and included four axes (computer skills and use, participatory skills, communication skills, thinking skills), results indicated need to improve teaching performance of science teachers in the middle stage in proportion 21st century skills, the research reached a number of recommendations and suggestions.

Key Words: Evaluation, teaching performance, science teachers, 21st century skills.


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