This Issue (Vol 2 No. 1 - January 2019) is The Fifth Issue of The Journal; The Issue has 8 articles (4) In English, and (4) in Arabic. : 

The first Article is “Employment of social networks in the service of the educational process: why? In what? And how? By Prof. Dr El-Dahshan, Gamal Ali, Professor of "Foundation of Education", and Dean, College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt.

The second Article is “Meta-Analysis of the Behavioral and Cognitive Effects of Interactive Video Games on K-12 Students” By Prof.Dr Alturki, Uthman T. Professor of Educational Technology, Educational Technology Department, College of Education, King Saud University. Saudi Arabia.

The third Article  is “The role of smart schools to face counterfeiting media Forms in its teacher’s point of view.” By Dr Ibrahiem, Heba Ibrahiem Gouda , Lecturer of Foundations of education, Faculty of specific education, Cairo University, Egypt.

The fourth Article is “The extent to which E-learning is used to teach mathematics in the constructivist model” By Dr Al-Bado, Amal Mohammed Abdullah. Asistant Professor of Educational Technology, University of Creative Sciences, UAE.

The fifth Article  is “Exploring Reality of Human Development at Educational Institutions in Oman from the Principals' Perspective” By Prof.Dr Elsayed, Abdelkader Mohamed Abdelkader, Professor in Benha University, Egypt- Assoc. Professor in Dhofar University, Oman. And Mr. Soliman, Moosa Ahmed, Chair of Education Department, Dhofar University. Oman.

The sixth Article is “The State of Learning Translation among English Majors of Al-Quds Open University: Obstacles and Solutions” By Dr. Ayman Hassan Abu Elenein, Assistant professor of Curriculum and English Instruction at Ministry of Education in Palestine and (part- time) Assistant professor at The Islamic University of Gaza. Palestine.

The seventh Article  is “The requirements of applying Lean production in Egyptian Universities.” By Mr. Mohamed Abdel Salam Mohamed Mahmoud El Balshi, An expert teacher in the Directorate of Education in Damietta Governorate. Egypt.

The Eight Article is: “An overview of the research: Vocabulary learning strategies used By ESL Arabic-speaking students” By Ms. Suliman, Alya A. K. , PhD Student, Department of Digital Learning and Instructional Technology, School of Distance Education and International Partnerships, Andrews University, USA.

Published: 2018-12-15