Empirical Study in Foundations of Education:

Bridging the Gap between Methodologically Targeted and Procedural Possible.

  • Al-Sayed Salama El-Khamisy Professor of Foundations of Education, Damietta University, Egypt, selkhamisy@yahoo.com
Keywords: Education Foundations Research, Empirical Research, bridging the gap.


Abstract: The idea of this paper revolves around alerting the educational research society, in general, and in education foundations, specific, to Empirical Studies problems and hindrance that can - in case of not paying attention to and not being avoided - reduce the validity and objectivity of the research and underestimate the value of its results, they may challenge its credibility. Thus, this paper aims to enlighten researchers, supervisors and scientific committees on the major risks, stages and obstacles of these problems throughout the Empirical Study process. Therefore, this paper's methodology proceeded according to the following Axis:
 What the paper means by "Empirical Research in educational research".
 Constitutional and legal reference to scientific research
 The major problems of Empirical Research in educational research.
 The proposed methods to bridge the gap between methodologically targeted and procedurally possible.


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