The "International Journal of research in Educational Sciences" is a peer reviewed Journal, Published on Behalf of "International Foundation for Future Horizons OU" aims to Publish outstanding and distinctive research which expand the Educational Knowledge and its applications anywhere around the world.   

Vision :   International Leading and excellence in expand the Knowledge and its applications.

 Mission : 

Spreading and enriching the educational knowledge and its applications around the world, and provide innovative research which contribute to developing the educational practices anywhere. In addition, contributing in build the international knowledge economy across intellectual creativity and global partnerships.


  1. Spreading outstanding research of Educational knowledge and its applications anywhere around the world.
  2. Supporting educational thought anywhere around the world, and investigate the educational Issues problems around the world, and provide scientific solutions to them.
  3. Encouraging outstanding group and collective research anywhere around the world.
  4. Promoting leading teaching practices anywhere anywhere around the world.
  5. Supporting research in Educational knowledge anywhere around the world.