Education in Corona (COVID-19) Time

Bridging The Gap Between Home and School

  • Al-Sayed Salama El-Khamisy Professor of Foundations of Education, Damietta University, Egypt,
Keywords: Corona Pandemic, COVID 19, E-Learning, Educational systems


Abstract: This paper is a prospective Analytic theory, aims to analyzing the latest conditions and events taking place all over the world after Coronavirus Pandemic and its consequences that convulsed the steady societal systems; at the top of them all are formal educational systems in different countries all around the world. This paper is specifically concerned with the matter of opting to E-Learning/Distance Learning by the contemporary educational systems- including Arab ones- in Corona Pandemic Time. This educational adopted strategy- as a potential alternative after study being suspended and schools being closed- made "Home" as a candidate alternative educational/learning medium instead of the classrooms and schools. This  candidate educational and instructional medium within distance learning paradigm faces- in Arab environment, generally, and Egyptian environment, in particular- a number of challenges. However, as potential educational option, it has some opportunities, as well as some characteristics that make petting on it conceivable; particularly, when people in charge and interested-formal and informal- concern about bridging the gap between the two parties; the original (school) and alternative (Home). In order to achieve this partnership for compensating students for depriving them from school, there are requirements to be met; which is the aim of this paper through its four pivots.

Key Words: Corona Pandemic, COVID-19, Bridging, E-Learning, Educational systems.


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