Educational research trends in promotion research during the time period (2019-2022) Specialization in pedagogy and educational planning as a model

  • Mehany Mohamed Ibrahim Ghanaiem


         Scientific research is one of the three main functions of the university: education, scientific research, and community service. It is a systematic, scientific method organized to reach new facts for the development of human knowledge and its application to serve the human being. It also means scientific research with knowledge and ways of discovering it and anticipating the occurrence of phenomena in the future. The importance of scientific research appears in addressing the problems of society and proposing alternatives and solutions that contribute to solving them, as it presents scientific methods to take appropriate decisions regarding the problems of society.   Scientific production in general in Egypt is abundant in all sectors, including the educational sciences sector, and it is important to know the research directions included in scientific production with the aim of promoting and developing it and benefiting from it in the development of society. And then the current study comes to know the directions of educational research in promotion research (specializing the principles of education and educational planning as a model) during a specific period of time with the aim of determining the priorities of educational research, determining its paths, evaluating these trends and raising the level of its efficiency, in order to serve the community and develop the environment.


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Author Biography

Mehany Mohamed Ibrahim Ghanaiem

Prof. Dr. Mehany Mohamed Ibrahim Ghanaiem

Professor of Educational Planning and Economics of Education, Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, Reporter of the Permanent Scientific Committee for the Promotion of Professors and Assistant Professors (Fundamentals of Education and Educational Planning) The Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, Education Foundations. Egypt.


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