E-Learning Communities and Professional development of teachers in the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) - Experiences and Visions

  • Fayza Ahmed Alhussini Megahed
Keywords: E-Learning Communitie, Professional Development, Corona Virus Pandemic, COVID-19


Abstract: The coronavirus pandemic or "COVID-19" crisis has caused concern about the future of education and the need to rethink educational practices and develop training methods and professional development for teachers, reflecting on the quality of educational outputs, requiring teachers to have the skills and skills needed to work in emergencies. The present paper addresses professional learning societies, the foundations of which are built, their objectives, philosophy and upbringing, the requirements for transforming schools from traditional to electronic professional learning societies: the role of professional learning societies in improving teachers' professional performance in emergencies,  The paper also reviews the concept of e-professional learning societies, the advantages of e-professional learning societies, digital transformation and its impact on professional learning societies, the strengths and weaknesses associated with transforming schools into professional learning societies, and the experiences of some countries such as (Singapore, USA) in the applications of learning communities as an entry point for professional development and ways to make use of them to improve the professional performance of teachers in our Egyptian schools.  The paper came up with a series of recommendations, including finding An effective system for implementing the idea of professional learning societies, the need to support school leadership of the idea of professional learning societies, encouraging teachers to join their own e-learning communities with a major role in the development of their professional performance, and the implementation of partnership projects between the Ministry of Education and university colleges of education to build e-learning communities in schools to improve and develop outstanding practices.


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