Special Education Practices for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the UK and Egypt

A comparative Study

  • Viola Mounir Abdou Mansour PhD, Lecturer, Department of Comparative Education &Educational administration, University of Zagazig Egypt
  • Ereny Samir Gobrial Associate Professor, Dept. of Mental Health, Faculty of Education, Zagazig university, Egypt https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7878-7080
Keywords: Mothers, Special Education, Egypt, England


: This study aims to compare the development of special education practices for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the UK and Egypt and gain an understanding of those factors that enhance special education in both countries. The study applies a comparative framework method. The findings provide a better understanding of special education practices and factors that enhanced the special education for ASD across the two countries. The findings reveal that special education practice in Egypt was hindered by low economic status, scarcity of cultural awareness, inadequate financial support and absence of education policy for ASD. While, in the UK education policy, cultural awareness, economy, and scientific technology have been identified as important enhancing factors for special education. The study suggests some recommendations for developing special education for ASD in Egypt.


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Mansour, V., & Gobrial, E. (2021). Special Education Practices for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the UK and Egypt. International Journal of Research in Educational Sciences. (IJRES), 5(1), 63 - 90. Retrieved from https://iafh.net/index.php/IJRES/article/view/314