ICT in the Classroom: English Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices

  • Laxman Prasad Bhandari Lumbini Banijya Campus
Keywords: Communication skills, English language teaching, ICT, student evaluation


Along with the advancement of all other facets of human life, teaching and learning of English language at all levels have become easier because of the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Technology has expanded the practices of English language teaching beyond the four walls of the class today. Many researchers have highlighted the necessity of ICTs in teaching English in the global context. The present study, using interviews and a group discussion, explores how teachers perceive the use of ICTs and make use of them in bachelor-level English language classrooms in Nepal. Although the findings of the present study are idiosyncratic, they are consistent with the life world of English language education in global contexts. The results showed that the use of ICTs in English language classrooms is the most crucial factor for developing language skills after the teachers themselves in the 21st century. The study showed that the knowledge of ICTs helped teachers make lesson plans, prepare teaching materials, implement lessons, engage students in readily available language tasks, and evaluate them. However, the results also revealed that teachers and some students’ inefficiency in using modern ICT tools, frequent power cuts, and inconsistent internet services as the obstacles to ICT-friendly pedagogical practices. The findings of this study will be helpful to English teachers in planning their lessons, implementing them for the improvement of their students’ English language skills, and evaluating their tasks.


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