Mathematics concepts as mentioned in the holy Qur’an and their availability in the mathematics textbook for the primary stage (analytical study)

  • Asma Fowzi Al-Tameemi Ministry of Education / Iraq
Keywords: (concepts, mathematical concepts, the holy Qur’an)


Quran the book of God Almighty Divine Creator, the all-knowing of and the people circumstances, present and future There is no doubt that it contained among it words the scientific, mathematical and literary miracles, Mathematics is one of the important scientific topics that work on linking and integrating different sciences, The aim of the study is to understand reality in a scientific way, as Muslims, we try to derive scientific and mathematical concepts from this wonderful miracles, The researcher noticed to answer the following question: What are the mathematical concepts contained in the holy Koran? The researcher adopted the descriptive approach (document analysis) because this type is concerned with analyzing information in order to reach a better understanding of the phenomenon to be studied. The researcher found several conclusions which follows: From the above we note that the Koran has involved a superb Mathematical miracle, and this shows that mathematics is the language of the ages in the past, present and future and it’s very important to the human life. And that these concepts are diverse, and it’s preferred to be used as a guidance during the teaching of mathematics. Also, there is no connection between the Quranic verses that carry mathematical concepts and mathematics books for the six grades of the primary stage. The researcher suggested some recommendations, including strengthening the methodological books with Quranic verses in an actual way, and linking life issues taken from the verses of the Holy Quran with purely mathematical situations and then solving them, as linking between Religion and science through linking abstraction to concrete reality enhances the faith, scientific and mental aspect together. In conclusion, I say: Glory be to you, my Lord, you taught the children of Adam all the sciences, and you who made the universe wiser. Nothing is hidden from you. You did not leave a small or a large one except that you put it in your holy book, may God bless you. O God, bless the guide, the evangelist, the enlightening lamp, our Prophet Muhammad, and the God of the good and pure until the Day of Judgment.


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