Development and Validation of Multi-Modality Instructional Model

  • Prasanna Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Ladakh, Kargil campus, India,
  • P Muthusamy Assistant Professor, Thiyagarajar College of preceptors, Madurai, India
Keywords: Development, Validation, Multi-Modality, Instructional Model


Development of models of teaching is the recent innovation in teaching. An important purpose of discussing models of teaching is to assist the teacher to have a wide range of approaches for creating a proper interactive environment for learning. An intelligent use of these approaches enables the teacher to adopt him to the learning needs of the students. A number of educationist and psychologists have proposed model approach to teaching. A model of teaching consists of guidelines for designing educational activities and environments. Model of teaching is a plan that can also be utilized to shape courses of studies, to design instructional material and to guide instruction. Joyce and Weil, (1972) [19] explained Teaching of model is a pattern or plan, which can be a curriculum or courses to select instructional materials and to guide a teachers actions. Educators and psychologist have design several types of teaching models which provides suitable guidelines to the teachers for modifying the behaviour of the learners. As a matter of facts some sorts of models of teaching have been existence since times immemorial. In simple language a models of teaching may be defined as a blueprint designed in advance for providing necessary structure and direction to the teacher for realizing the stipulated objectives. After the investigator completed the determination of the steps the model was presented to the panel of experts. The panel of experts scrutinized and validated the steps of the model and gave their opinion about the fitness of the model for application. They further commented to conduct a pilot study with the application of the model From the pilot try out of the model it was found to be effective for application in classroom teaching.



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