Educational Security and Digital Transformation

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  • Mahmod Fawzy Ahmed Badawy Professor of Foundations of Education, Vice dean of College of Education, Menoufia University, Egypt,
Keywords: Educational Security, Digital Transformation


Abstract:  The current paper aims to shed light on the issue of digital transformation, which has become a reality in large part consistent with the movement of change and the knowledge, information and digital revolution that the world is witnessing, and the great overlap that this transformation represents in all aspects and levels of interaction, whether political, social, economic, or educational. Or intellectual and ideological ... etc., and the extent of the impact of this digital transformation on human life in general, and on education, which is the direct method for societies to achieve the qualitative preparation of their members in a context of educational security, which is the guarantee for the proper formation of individuals and their formation on values ​​that drive presence and positive interaction Based on clear criteria in this context. The paper revealed the problems of digital transformation and its dangerous effects on educational security in its various dimensions, and it tries to establish a framework around which one can think to get out of this serious problem.


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