The Cultural Content in the First Grade of High School English Textbook (Ordinary Level) in Egypt and its impact on Students’ Values through their own Teachers’ Perspectives

  • Hend Kamal Ibrahim Abdulshafy Ph.D in Educational Foundations, Mansoura University, Egypt,
Keywords: cultural content, values, English Textbook, Teachers’ Perspectives


This study aims at identifying the current cultural content in the first grade of high school English textbook (ordinary level) in Egypt & modifies it through extra educational values. This is because these values could protect our students according to the continuous emerging in our daily life. The method of utilized in this research is “critical discourse analysis” in order to trace extracted the footprints of the educational values & the cultural content that conceded in that textbook. In addition to the various findings for the sake of teachers, students & decision makers. At last, this study provides some recommendations that are related to the operational results, which are derived from the study.


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