Recent Trends in Scholarly Publishing for Educational Researches “Foundations of Education as a Model”

  • Yasser Mymoon Abbass Associate Professor of Foundations of Education, Faculty of Specific Education, Menoufia University, Egypt


Abstract: The scientific publication is the most important academic activities practiced by faculty members in universities. The universities are evaluated and classified globally in light of the number of researches they publish, there has been an evolution of scientific publishing in the era of technological revolution and the expansion of the use of the Internet. Therefore, the present paper dealt with the trends of modern scientific publishing to be used in the field of the foundations of education, according to three axes: The first axis dealt with the scientific publishing concept, its importance and stages of development. The second axis dealt with the scientific publishing of the foundations of education researches, in terms of publishing obstacles facing researchers, in relation to publishing procedures, researchers, scientific journals, and universities. The third axis dealt with the latest trends in the scientific publishing of research on the foundations of education in terms of publishing channels, such as electronic publishing, open access resources, and academic networking platforms, and the latest trends in publishing topics. The impact factor of publication, the submission of scientific research to the programs of plagiarism, the conduct of collective research and the involvement of undergraduate students in scientific publishing.

Key words:  E-publishing, open access, international publishing, academic platforms, plagiarism.


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