Study Skills: A Model for Humanities and Social Sciences Students

  • Mohammad Zomrani Research team in knowledge and values - Abdelmalek Al-Saadi University Moroccan Center for Educational Studies and Research - Rabat, Morocco
Keywords: Study Skills, university integration, educational needs, Moroccan university


The present study aims to develop a proposed model for the learning skills and university study among Moroccan universities students in majors of arts and humanities, and to help the university's educational policy makers suggest programs and trainings that respond to the actual needs of students. This was based on an exploratory study that included many educational documents and literature and university experiences in the subject, the study concluded with an initial network of (40) skills, and after judging it by a simple random sample consisting of (77) university professors. The study reached a total agreement of the sample on the skills included in the network with a total arithmetic average of (2.70), and a total agreement rate of (90%). The field of management and self-organization skills got the highest arithmetic average within the network areas, and the judging process resulted in a set of modifications that included the transition from (40) skills in the initial network to (42) skills in the final network. The study also recorded a set of recommendations, including: the call for transforming the proposed network into a measure for learning skills and university integration needs; calling for studies and diagnostic researches on the learning skills needs of Moroccan students; A call to propose training programs based on the identified needs aiming at empowering students with learning skills and to integrate smoothly and successfully into the university environment.


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