A proposed strategic vision for the university's role in a changing world

  • Mohamed Amin Elmofti Professor of Mathematics Education and the former Dean of College of Education, Ain Shams University. Egypt, elmofti44@hotmail.com
Keywords: strategic vision, the university's role, changing world, science for quality of life


In this study, the writer presents a set of the most important changes in the world from his view point, and the resulting problems or challenges. These changes are represented in the renewal of knowledge structures as a result of the rapid growth of knowledge, progress in technology and information systems, and the shift in the philosophy of science from science to science; To science for quality of life, and the shift from armed conflict in settling disputes, to peaceful negotiation and dialogue, and a broadening the view of the human environment from the local to the global. The writer deals with each of these changes by clarifying what is meant by it, and commenting on each change with his vision of the role that the university should play to confront it and solve the resulting problems. The writer concludes his study with a call to dialogue with those who agree with his vision or disagree with it.


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